Clients can reserve our apartment directly our through our marketing network. Upon confirmation of the availability by any of our sales agents the apartment of your choice can be reserved subject to terms and conditions below:

Reservation Deposit:  The Clients will be required to pay a Reservation/Security deposit to the company in order to make a confirmed booking. We recommend that your representative in Sri Lanka visit the apartment prior to reservation and payment.

Payment: Payment can be made at our office. You can either pay by cash or Telegraphic Transfer (TT). Upon payment you will be given a confirmed reservation notice. If there is a difficulty in arranging the payment in advance Company in exceptional situation may consider a waiver of this condition provided that deposit is paid on arrival. Credit Cards or Travellers cheques are not accepted.

Advance/Security Deposit
The Reservation/Security deposit amount may vary from time to time and current amounts are as follows.

1-2 Weeks                - US$ 100
More than 2 weeks  - US$ 250

This Reservation/security deposit shall be refunded to you on your departure subject terms stated below.

All cheques should be written in favour of 'Venture Holiday Homes (pvt) Limited'
Posted under registered cover to our Office Address
Venture Holiday Homes (pvt) Limited
2B Siriwardena Road
Dehiwela, Sri Lanka
If you require to send funds via Western Union please contact the company for more information. Hotline: +94777319217, 0115513258 Email: sales@srilankastay.com

Rental for full period is payable on arrival as calculated below.

Daily Rate X No days = Rent Due

Maximum No of Occupants
As per rules set out by the company there is maximum limit of occupants that can be accommodated at any given time. In the event the number of occupants exceed the maximum set by the company the company reserve the right to terminate the contract or to levy an additional charge of US$ 3 per person per night.

Additional bed could be provided at the Rate US$ 5 per day for Bellwood or Shelly Way apartments only. For other apartments Sleeping Mats can be provided at the Rate of US$ 2 per day.

The Maximum allowed in-house guest per night is as follows.

Apartment  Type                   Adults             Children  (Below 12 years)

One Bedroom                         2                            1
Two Bedrooms                       4                             2
Three Bedrooms                    6                             3

Utility Costs/Charges

Apartments are equipped with Telephone with IDD and Dial-up Internet facility. Client is liable to pay the telephone bill based on actual usage. Telephone bill are payable on or before departure or monthly basis by long term clients. Company reserve the right to set off the unpaid telephone call charges against the Reservation/security deposit.

Client can monitor actual usage of the telephone during their stay by using the password and username available at the apartment. IDD password can be requested from the Company.

WIFI (Wireless) Internet facility is available in all our apartment. This is provided to you free of charge. Further if Client desires, Dial-up internet connection is also available through the fixed telephone lines. This will however be subject to local call rates.

Cable TV
All Cable TV Channels offered by the Service Provider under the current plan would be free of Charge. Any Changes to the current plan requires a payment of US$ 10 per month.

Electricity/Water costs
Client staying on short term basis (Daily Rate) will be entitled to standard number of Units of Electricity free of charge. The Standard Number of units for electricity is presently set at 10 Units per day. If the consumption exceeds the aggregate entitlement during the period of stay, then in such case client is liable to pay for the Excess Electricity units consumed at the rate of US$ 3 per unit. Client's stay on short term basis is entitled to unlimited water free of charge.

Other Charges
Company provides once a week free cleaning at your request. Compulsory cleaning charge of US$ 10 will be payable by all Occupants on departure. This amount will be deducted from the refundable deposit paid by the occupant.

Laundry charges would be as per rates quoted by the laundry and is payable directly to the service provider.

Non-Smoking Apartments
All our apartments are Non-Smoking Apartments. Smoking inside the premises is strictly prohibited. Company reserve the right to charge from the Clients for all cost in respect of damage or odor caused as a result of smoking.


Before Arrival:
If Client cancel the booking before arrival Company shall have the right to retain the full refundable deposit paid by the Client.

After Arrival:
If Client decide to cancel the apartment after arrival and/or part occupation of the apartment the company shall have the right retain the full rental and the security deposit paid by the Client.

Client undertake to vacate the apartment and handover all keys on the check out time/date stated in the reservation Notice/Invoice. Client will be required to fill the check out form provided by the company and state any loss or damage to equipments, furniture fitting and other during occupation. The Company reserve the right to recover such losses from the client or deduct from the security deposit.

Check-In & Check-Out Time
Standard Check in and Check-out time is 12.00 Noon. Early Check-in or Late Check-out of maximum of 2 Hours may be provided free of charge subject to availability.

Limitation of liability
Client requires to take care of his/her personal goods and all personal belongings. The Company bears no responsibility or liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damages resulting to the Client in any manner whatsoever during the period of stay.

If you require any further information Please call us on +94777319217, 0115513258 Email: sales@srilankastay.com