Taylors Hill is currently a charming 5 bedroom luxury villa that attributes its name to James Taylor who is considered to be the person who introduced tea production into Ceylon, Sri Lanka. This was built by an Englishman over 100 years ago. 25 Boutique Tea Villa's adjacent to old Taylor's Hill is now being developed as a luxury boutique hotel. This will be available for your holiday rental from December 2017.  If you wish to stay at Taylor's Hill prior to commercial opening of the new Villas, you may reserve the old facility by visiting www.taylorshillkandy.com

Villas are now available for your investment as holiday hideout with an attractive rental-back plan. Villa's are priced from US$100,000 upwards. Reservation fee is US$ 10,000.  Call 94 777 703535 or visit www.hybridhomes.lk

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